Pocket Letter Update

Version 2.6.0 – 2.6.1

  • Add Interactive Signature feature.
  • Minor Bug Fixes, Certificate issues for Push Notifications.

Version 2.4-2.5

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Dropbox v2

Version 2.1-2.4
Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.5
Release Date: 6/30/14

  • Multipage Option (InApp purchase) – Now you can add as many pages as desired!
  • Letterhead Option Added – Add a Logo and/or a full screen letterhead.
  • Page numbers added to letters with multiple pages
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements – i.e. handling of images, preview screens, other reported issues
  • New! Export/Import function for other Pocket Letter users. File is exported as a .plpd file extension.
  • New! Clear Button on Main Text section. Handy for cloned/duplicated letters. It allows you to clear the body of the letter and retains the To/From, Salutation and Closing sections.

Pocket Letter Lite Update

Version 1.5
Release Date: 6/10/14

  • In App Purchase Features – Letterhead, Multipage, Export/Import
  • Features as above in Pocket Letter Pro – minor bug fixes, clear button for cloned letters

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Pocket Letter Pro & Lite Updates

Version 1.4
Estimated Release Date: 3/21/14

  • Added the following to the About Page (click the “(i)” button).
    • E-mail feedback or support within the app
    • Rate Our App
    • Access App Store
    • Display Version Number
  • New Pocket Letter Icons.
  • Lines Remaining in Main input text screen.
  • Preview Screen Improvements.
  • Overview Screen – Added Clear button when editing file name field.
  • Main Text entry – When clicking between subject and main input, main text input now resizes for full screen size. (For Lite Users with Ads: Click Done and in the main text area for full screen).
  • Specify Paper Sizes for Printing (Pro). Page Preview Size adjusts per paper size selected. Options are US Letter, US Letter Edge to Edge (Default for all Countries), A4. Default can be changed in “settings”.
  • Push Notifications for updates and important information.
  • Removed horizontal line below business header.
  • Bug fixes: Lines remaining, various text display issues, exiting app after preview.
  • Other fixes and updates.

Version 1.36
Release Date: January 14, 2014

  • New β€œMe” button in Letterhead, to save/load your information for letters.
  • Logo – now allows 2x resolution; scales and sizes to fit properly (Pro).
  • Closing image – now allows 2x resolution; scales and sizes to fit properly (Pro).
  • Both logo and closing image now size properly, and offer editing capability (Pro).
  • Body text can now start with blank lines (just a return).
  • Address Field – commas should place properly.
  • Email address and single telephone or no telephone, place and space properly.
  • Support email form now includes your device info.
  • Other fixes and updates.

Version 1.31
Release Date: December 18, 2013

  • Changes to input and overview screens
  • Other fixes and updates

Version 1.2
Release Date: December 11, 2013

  • Added Pocket Letter Lite Version
  • Added version number on About screen
  • Added Font Size Button to Preview Screen
  • Added Line Count Feature to Main Text Area – shows remaining lines available
  • New Letter Default Names
  • Enabled AirPrint Feature (Pro)
  • Other fixes and updates

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