Pocket Letter Print Help

Pocket Letter AirPrint™ FAQs

  1. The printer should be configured and working with other applications on your device such as Safari.

    If AirPrint™ fails, refer to the printer manufacturer and Apple support to resolve the issue.

  2. We support all true WiFi AirPrint&#8482 printers on the same Wi-Fi Network as the device (iPhone®,iPad®,iPod Touch®), that prints from Safari.

    View Official AirPrint™ printer list from Apple

  3. A complicated network setup is possible, however, is beyond the scope of our support for this app. We recommend working with a local network administrator to setup and assess all networked equipment, the printer, wired and wireless connections, and routes.

AirPrint™, iPhone®,iPad®, and iPod Touch® are trademarks of Apple Inc.

AirPrint™ is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.