Pocket Letter Pro

Pocket Letter Pro lets you quickly and easily create professional-looking letters, correspondence and other documents.

Now you can create, send, and store eye-catching letters from your iPad or iPhone while on the move; you can email or post to Dropbox in PDF format.

You have the choice of creating business letters (option to add your logo) or personal letters in a professional format. There is no limit to the number of letters you may create; save, retrieve, or reuse them and add your virtual signature if needed.

Create multiple ‘templates’ for repeated-use formats, saving time and typing! All you have to do is fill in the fields and Pocket Letter Lite will create consistent, correctly-formatted looking correspondence every time!

Pocket Letter Pro features include:

  • Create your letterhead once using your logo and use it for all your correspondence
  • Choose between business and personal formats
  • Allows multiple logos and signature
  • Unlimited number of letters and templates
  • Preview and email to yourself or others in PDF format or send to Dropbox
  • Save, edit, reuse and delete options
  • Copy and paste text from your iPhone or iPad
  • Operates on your iPhone and iPad

Pocket Letter Pro is ideal for all types of business and personal correspondence, including:


  • Job Seekers
  • Cover and Thank You letters
  • Proposals/Quotes
  • Request for Information
  • Follow-up,
  • Inquiries,
  • Bill of Sale
  • Purchase and Rental Agreements
  • Thank you/Commendation Letters


  • Thank-you notes
  • Legal
  • School/college applications

Pocket Letter Lite

While Pocket Letter Lite has most features included in our Pro Version, you may wish to upgrade to Pro for:

  • Business Letter Template (add your logo)
  • Add additional paper sizes – US Letter & A4
  • AirPrint
  • Ad Removal

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